My sculpture THIS EARTH OF MAJESTY, THIS SEAT OF MARS has been installed in Holland Park, London, as part of KCAW (Kensington + Chelsea Art Week). At nearly 2 metres, this giant wizened apple sculpture will inhabit Napoleon Garden until 31 January 2021.

This work was born from looking at those in power and at their unscrupulous desire for more. What effect does this have on us, on society, the country, and the planet? We are on the precipice of unrectifiable transformation.

The use of a line from John Gaunt’s famous speech in Shakespeare’s Richard II as the title is imbued with ironic nostalgia.

Gaunt’s speech evokes an image of a majestic and beautiful England; yet, despite Gaunt’s praise, the speech gives way to something darker and less pleasant alluding that Richard has turned England into a fallen paradise.

Each year, KCAW celebrates the rich heritage of the borough presenting thought-provoking installations and murals that can be explored following their public artwork trail. Click on the link to find out more about the sculpture and KCAW20’s full programme (1-11 October) featuring a Public Art Trail, Self Guided Discovery Tours, Talks and many other socially distanced events.