Over the last two years I have become obsessed with The Apple. It is Adam & Eve, the Judgement of Paris, Heracles, it is The Beatles, Steve Jobs and Newton, it is Cézanne, Magritte, Snow White and William Tell, it is even the American Frontier! Working across drawing, sculpture, film, installation and painting I am using the apple as a lens to explore fundamental questions driving human nature, especially our anxiety afflicted society and our incessant need for More.

More More More, 2019

More More More, 2019 >

Through sculptures and drawings, Barford uses his obsession with The Apple to explore our incessant need for MORE.

The Tower of Babel, 2015

The Tower of Babel, 2015 >

A hugely successful project at the V&A in London. A 6 m tower comprising 3000 unique bone china London shops.

Selected Drawings 2016-2018

Selected Drawings 2016-2018 >

The energetic word drawings are abstract pictures made by repeating the same hand-written word until its meaning becomes warped.

Me Want Now, 2016

Me Want Now, 2016 >

Have more, buy more, do better, move forward, grow, succeed, win. ME WANT NOW offers a metaphorical narrative on the dominance of this ideology and debates our values in an increasingly polarised political landscape.