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Women for Women Auction

Women for Women Auction


This is EMPOWER, the latest unique Word Drawing I have made for the Women for Women charity.

Having recently been made aware of the work that Women for Women do, I was delighted to have the opportunity to support their cause. Providing women with the resources they need in education, health and well being, or connections with a network of support, this amazing organisation has enabled thousands of women to rebuild their lives.

The Word Drawing I made especially for this auction repeats the word EMPOWER over and over again forming a web of connection.
I wanted to emphasise the importance of giving women a chance to choose their own future, how, as each woman becomes empowered to choose, she is able to join with others eventually forming an unstoppable force. 
I hope this auction will allow new audiences to understand the difficulties women in war-torn countries face and contribute for more women to access the programme.

Please click here and here to find out more about Women for Women and the Auction #SheInspiresMe Auction.