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New Sculpture to be shown with David Gill Galleries at P.A.D. 10-14 October 2012

New Sculpture to be shown with David Gill Galleries at P.A.D. 10-14 October 2012
AVARICE - Barnaby Barford 2012 - H 210 cm x 155 cm x D 20 cm - Porcelain, Decals, Polished Stainless Steel, Enamelled Wire, Epoxy Putty, Wood

Barnaby Barford

David Gill Galleries launches new Barnaby Barford sculpture at 
PAD London 

David Gill is delighted to launch Avarice, Barnaby Barford’s latest work, at PAD London from 10-14 October 2012. Avarice takes the form of a large sculptural wall piece made from 9,000 handmade porcelain flowers and leaves patternated with fragments of paper currency, which embellish a mirror like a creeping vine.

The piece’s title, at first, appears to pay homage to the inordinate love of riches. The handmade aspect of the work is evident in the craft of each petal and hence the essence of excessiveness expressed through the title - the obsessive acquiring of wealth and pleasure in riches is reverberated conceptually by the obsessiveness of the highly detailed making process. Just like the sin itself, Barford’s Avarice encapsulates the majesty and captivation of riches perfectly. You, the viewer, become part of the work, reflected in the mirror, as Barford suggests ‘both reflexively and reflectively, demonstrating desire and seeing the truth.’

This work for Barford is an exploration of aspects of human nature. He says: ‘Money represents all that is seen as important in our societies, whether it be luxury, security or survival, having it or the lack of it is everything. It is our obsessive ways to acquire more; our insatiable appetite; never having enough, which causes so many of our problems.’ The piece demands our consideration of this, as well as captivating us with its beauty.

Barford’s recent works take a new turn. Renowned for his works with found, mass-produced ceramic figurines and objects, which he chops and changes, adding pieces on and gluing them together to create deeply sardonic narrative sculptures with darkly comic titles, Avarice is his most commanding work to date in scale, and all aspects of the piece are produced by the artist. His interest in the human condition continues as a central theme in his work, but Avarice marks an exciting change of application and approach.

Barford will be having a solo show of new works at David Gill St James's in April 2013.

Barnaby Barford graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002, Barford has been the subject of several solo exhibitions in the UK, and exhibited internationally. His work is part of both private and public collections.

David Gill Mayfair opened on 24th April at 2-4 King Street, (corner of Duke Street), St James’s, London SW1Y 6QL