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Barford’s ‘Future’ light sculpture (2017) consists of 6,500 individual hand-made porcelain pieces. Each piece is tattooed with fragments of a word drawing by Barford, saying ‘Future’. The energetic word drawings are abstract pictures made by repeating the same hand-written word, twisting its meaning as it is repeated over and over. In burnt red and orange hues the piece is reminiscent of a burning sun.

Barford says, “I wanted to make a sculpture as part of my work reflecting on the idea of happiness and hope… The symbol of the rising sun has been used as a sign of hope throughout history and in a way I am asking ‘What does our future hold’?”

Dimensions: Diameter 130cm
Materials: Porcelain, Lighting Components, Enamelled Copper Wires, Epoxy Putty, Mesh Copper Wire, Steel

The work made it's debut at The Salon Art + Design in New York in 2017. Download the press release here